policy networks bibliography

A bibliography with policy networks literature. Prepared by Mariangela Petrizzo. Thank You!

Bibliografia sobre Policy Networks / Policy Networks Bibliography: "by Mariangela Petrizzo"


policy frames v. interests

Policy frames and interests - both terms are interrelated. Policy frames are the reflection of a particular interest in terms of an action justification.
If political problems are dealt with in societies, different view points (= interest regarding an issue/question) compete with each other. The competition takes place in form of different/conflicting action formulas prescribed by interested parties in order to solve/deal with the problem. In order to justify the viability of a certain action formula a convincing story is needed as to convince others that the action formula ought to be applied. To be convincing, such a justification story needs to take the context and other perspectives on the problem into account. Thus, a policy frame is needed as a quasi connection of ones particular interest with other interests related to the problem in question.