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Concept for a non-profit non-governmental transparency organisation for Europe

EFTD European Foundation for Transparency and Democracy

The EFTD is an impartial independent non-profit foundation committed to enhance transparency and democracy in the European Union.
The EFTD is dedicated to the cooperation among the peoples, states and citizens in Europe. The EFTD supports the European integration process by raising awareness for its uniqueness and complexity.
The EFTD strives to serve the European citizens by advancing the knowledge about governance structures and processes on the European level.
The EFTD is a civil society foundation from citizens for citizens, independent from the EU-Institutions.
The EFTD’s activities will be underwritten by donations, which will be up to public scrutiny.

ECT – European Council for Transparency

The ECT is a council of high-level experts in European affairs dedicated to improve transparency and the dialogue between organisations, institutions and EU-citizens.
The ECT consists of scientists, representatives of European level associations, NGOs and the European civil society.
The ECT is meant to encompass a well-balanced group of EU stakeholders but not serving MEPs nor active civil servants of EU Institutions.
ECT Members are appointed by the EFTD for a one-year term.
The ECT annually elects a chairperson by a two third majority among its members.


will be re-launched as a multi-lingual portal serving as a gateway for anyone who seeks information about lobbying in the European Union.
Eulobby.net will initially pursue a triple-play approach: directory – register – information portal.
The eulobby.net directory will contain a structured overview and short abstracts for the large amount of web resources of information concerning the process of interest mediation in the EU, both from within and outside the EU institutions.
The eulobby.net register will list all institutions, groups, firms and individuals who are engaged in the legitimate process of representing special interests at the EU-level.
The eulobby.net information portal will serve as premier source of information on EU-level interest mediation by scientists, practitioners and stakeholders, all of which will be subjected to an open system of peer-review via a forum application.

EFTD General Secretariat

The EFTD will set up a general secretariat (GC) in order to run eulobby.net, to serve as a supporting office for the ECT and its chairperson as well as the HQ of the Foundation itself.
The general secretariat (GC) will be run by the EFTD secretary general, who will be appointed by the EFTD.
The GC will coordinate and organise the work of the EFTD.